Welcome to Physical Education online.   In the Intermediate School, you will access your physical education class through the Weekly Preview Page and Digital Choice Board. Mr. Scheuer and Mrs. Woloszanski will be adding activities that we would like you to try at home. Please try the activities. Then complete the written feedback that is requested. I will receive your feedback and know that you are participating. Have fun with this and feel free to repeat activities you like when you need a break from academic work. You must join the google classroom first. Invitations have been sent out.

In the Elementary School, you will access your Physical Education class through the ES Weekly Preview Page. First you must join my google classroom. I have set up a classroom for each grade. The class codes are listed below and an invitation will go out on or before March 30. Please join before    April 1. You will see some assignments that are just for fun and can be done optionally anytime. The actual weekly gym class assignment will be titled PE Week… Please participate in that class on a Wednesday. Feel free to use the PE Google classroom anytime you need a short break from your other classwork.

PE Class codes are:

K – mowd2gi                  1st grade – zt7siz3                    2nd grade – vspu7du             3rd grade – ydqfct3

4th grade – 6lpwe3e             5th grade – z4izah7

If you need to communicate with me, please use my e-mail below. Please stay safe and active.

Mrs. Marti Smith


voicemail (610)682-5100 ext. 3104